May. 05, 2018

    • Published in Fraction Magazine 10th anniversary issue (US)



    Apr. 3-15, 2018

    ・Participated the group exhibition "RAIEC TOKYO 2018" at T.I.P 72Gallery, Tokyo
    ・グループ写真展RAIEC TOKYO 2018 に参加。東京 京橋 T.I.P 72Gallery



    Nov. 7, 2017

    ・My work "Metamorphose" was introduced by Australian Museum of Contemporary Photography (AMCP) Facebook Page.
    ・オーストラリア現代写真美術館 (AMCP) のフェイスブックページに”Metamorphose”が掲載されました。


    Oct. 14 - Nov.5 2017

    ※ 無事会期終了いたしました。ありがとうございました。

    神戸Mirage Galleryにて、深谷貴子・たけやけいこ 二人展 MOTHER-母なる証明を開催いたします。詳細は下記リンクをご覧ください。


    会場 : 神戸 Mirage Gallery 神戸市中央区北長狭通3-9-10 青柳ビル3F 303号室 078-335-6510
    写真展期間 : 2017年10月14日(土)から11月5日(日)※月火祝 休



    WAVE Photography Pratform Vol.2 "Mother" Takako Fukaya / Keiko Takeya Duo Exhibition

    Venue : Mirage Gallery, Kobe, Japan

        Phone 078-335-6510

    Date : Oct. 14th - Nov. 5th 2017
    Event : Oct.15th (Sun) 5:30pm~ Artist talk with Takeki Sugiyama(Mirage Gallery Director)



    Aug. 24-27, 2017

    ・I was participated as a reviewee and held my work as "ARTIST in RESIDENSE" in Mt.ROKKO INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL 2017 in Kobe, Japan.
    ・六甲山国際写真祭2017 にレビューイとして、また アーティストインレジデンス参加作家として参加しました。

    Aug. 20, 2017

    ・My new series was introduced by "SHOW CACE" on OSAKA Culture web magazine VOICE.

    ・OSAKA Culture web magazine VOICEの"SHOWCACE"にご紹介頂きました。


    Jun. 29, 2017

    ・Featured my series "Ordinary days is beautiful " on Dodho Magazine. (Barcelona, Spain)


    Jun. 15, 2017

    ・I was selected as a OPEN CATEGORY's finalist of Kuara Lumpur International Photo Awards 2017.
    ・クアラルンプールインターナショナルフォトアワーズ2017(KLPA2017)にてオープンカテゴリー ファイナリスト25に選ばれました。



    Takako Fukaya

    I was born in 1974, and I currently live and work in Kariya, Japan. I’ve enjoyed drawing ever since I was young. Back then, that was how I expressed myself. However, in school, I studied subjects that were completely unrelated to art. After graduating from junior college, I worked as a company clerk. In 2000, I got married, and over the next several years, I gave birth to three daughters. This inspired me to start taking photographs. In 2015, I began to focus more on the artistic aspects of photography. Since then, I have been displaying my work worldwide.



    Artist statement

    Currently, I am trying to express my internal world - such as my past experiences or the thoughts that have forged my identity - through photographs. This is a self-healing process. It's as if I am picking up the pieces of my memory and putting them together like a puzzle.




    2017 KLPA2017 : Open Category Finalist25

    2017 PICTORICO Photo Contest : MITSUBISHI Papar Mills Prize (JPN)

    2016 TIFA2016 : Silver Winner (People - Portrait_P categoy),Bronze Winner (People - Family category), and 2 Honorable Mentions.

    2016 IPA2016 : Honorable Mention 5Categories
    2016 MIFA2016 : Honorable mention 3Cat : Fine Art-Other/People-Children/Nature-Flowers





    2018 Fraction Magazine 10th anniversary issue (US)

    2017 Duo exhibition "MOTHER" at Mirage Gallery, Kobe, JPN

    2017 Dodho Magazine (Spain) : Featured

    2017 Mt. ROKKO International Photo Festival : ARTIST in RESIDENCE
    2017 RAIEC TOKYO 2017 Exhibition (JPN)

    2017 LensCulture : selected for Portrait Awards 2017 cover page
    2016 Mt.ROKKO International Photo Festival (JPN) : Participated as a reviewee


     深谷 貴子 (ふかや たかこ)


    1974年 愛知県西尾市生まれ、刈谷市在住。






    アーティスト ステートメント






    2017 KLPA2017 オープンカテゴリー ファイナリスト25

    2017 ピクトリコ フォトコンテスト2016-2017 : 三菱製紙賞
    2016 TIFA2016 Silver Winner (People - Portrait_P categoy)Bronze Winner (People - Family category)Honorable Mention 2カテゴリー受賞
    2016 IPA2016 Honorable Mention 5カテゴリー受賞
    2016 MIFA2016 Honorable Mention 3カテゴリー 受賞 Fine Art-Other/People-Children/Nature-Flowers





    2018 Fraction Magazine 10th anniversary issue (US)掲載

    2017 二人展 Mother-母なる証明 神戸 Mirage Gallery

    2017 Dodho Magazine (スペイン) : 特集掲載

    2017 六甲山国際写真祭2017 アーティストインレジデンス 展示参加

    2017 RAIEC TOKYO 2017展参加
    2017 LensCulture : Portrait Awards 2017 エントリー呼込みページに採用
    2016 六甲山国際写真祭 ポートフォリオレビュー参加

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